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We are still here! - Following government advice we are now working with most of our staff at home, but otherwise operating as normal. Please see our Contact page for more information on the best way to contact us during this time.

Blog > Making your business independent

Ever since James, Simon and I started Bluelinemedia, we have always planned to leave. That might sound contradictory, but I think it's really helped our business grow. A lot of businesses get stuck at a certain size because the owner insists on having control over everything, or because they're more comfortable working 'at the coalface' than actually running things. And this works for a lot of people who just want a bit more freedom in their work. But that's not running a business, it's giving yourself a job.

Our approach has always been to try to make the business independent of us three, and hopefully we'll reach the point where we don't need to be here every day. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll stop working here, but we think the business will be stronger if it's not completely dependent on us. A genuinely independent business is worth more in terms of what someone else might pay for it, but more importantly for us three it means we have actually created something beyond ourselves.