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Software prototypes

A prototype is the first stage of our web application development service, with consultation, planning and design to determine how your software will look and feel. You get a website with individual pages, working navigation, multiple page layouts and design, but without the functionality or cost of full development.

Why develop a software prototype?

  • Focus on usability and design before development
  • Trial a new concept with a demo for potential customers
  • Present a complete idea to colleagues
  • Create a detailed brief for external or in-house developers
  • Detailed consultation
  • Design of page layout and navigation
  • Graphic design
  • Live, usable website

Save money and reduce your risk

Developing a prototype is considerably cheaper than full development, and allows you to take your idea to the next level with less risk. It's much easier to change direction and try different ideas, and it makes full development more efficient because you've resolved most issues before you start.

As a usable website, a prototype provides a fantastic tool to get feedback from your potential users, customers or colleagues, and that feedback will be infinitely more useful because they've used something that feels like the real thing.

Get the best possible results

Whether you want to increase sales, improve efficiency, or give better service to your customers, a prototype will improve your chances by focussing on the users and forcing you and us to think about everything from their perspective. Together we'll work out how pages are laid out, how users can move around the system, and whether everything is clear and instinctive. All of which will make for a better user experience, and better results for your business.

Protect your idea

Like most business projects, web application ideas can suffer from 'design by committee' and get overloaded with unnecessary features to keep everyone happy. Sometimes it's better to show what you mean than talk about it, and a cohesive website with design and navigation lets your colleagues or customers engage with the concept. You get to show the full potential of what you're trying to achieve, and they get to provide feedback and direction without diluting the original idea.

Example prototype projects

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