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Software process

Constant feedback and transparent communication get the best results for your business

1. Requirements

We work hard to understand what you and your users really need.

2. Planning

Flexible to your schedule and budget (but no promises we can't keep).

3. Development

Bespoke online software made quicker by our starting framework.

4. Testing

Multiple checks at every level to ensure an easy user experience.

5. Launch

Secure hosting, included training, and extra technical requirements.

6. Evolution

We still get most of our work from existing clients asking for more.

1. Requirements

Listening first

Your bespoke software starts with communication. We work hard to understand your business and your users so we can suggest the best solution. Secure your project with a deposit.


Once we understand what you need, we'll suggest a solution with cost and time. We can also work with you to work out a staged approach or payment terms.

Your team

Your dedicated account manager is backed up by an internal project manager and at least two in-house developers. So there will always be someone who can help, and we're local.

Written requirements

More detailed specifications to give you a guarantee of what you'll get from us, and allow us to get into the detail of what you need.

2. Planning

Keeping you involved

We just don't disappear for a few weeks and come back with a finished solution. You'll be involved at every step.

Visual ideas

We understand that a dry list of 'to do' items can be hard to review. Where possible, we demonstrate our thinking with wireframes, design concepts, or examples from other clients.

Internal planning

Your project isn't just handed to a developer as a list. We manage our work on a weekly basis, review before each task, and check in with you to make sure we're on the same page.

Using our experience

Every feature or challenge is considered. We may have produced something similar before, or perhaps we have an idea for a simpler solution. Your software benefits from our experience.

3. Development

Get the best of both worlds

Our previous experience and existing framework means we can get started more quickly and save money, while our bespoke development gets you exactly the system you need.

Existing framework

We can quickly build momentum with our own framework. Features like user login, security and navigation can happen more quickly, and have already been tested with previous clients.

Bespoke requirements

As we're working on your bespoke requirements, we'll check in with you regularly, and if appropriate suggest ways to do things differently. We keep you involved throughout the project so there are no surprises.

4. Testing

Making it perfect

The challenge of bespoke software is making sure your brand new system not only works, but works as you expected. We work hard to test everything and involve you in the process. Pay your final instalment on completion.

Testing at every level

Our developers test each element as it's applied, and test across the system. Our project manager provides another level of testing. And because we know these things can be subjective, we ask you to test that it works in the way you expect.

Working web address

From very early in your project, we'll provide a live web address so you can see your software. You can review progress, provide feedback on particular features, and have other stakeholders review the system.

5. Launch

Staying by your side

Once your bespoke software is ready to use, we'll help you with technical requirements and training your staff.


You'll get training on your system, although we find the familiar web interface means most people understand it instantly.


We can provide hosting or source hosting in your name if you want direct control. We'll provide a secure certificate and can help with other requirements like email as needed.

Snagging issues

As real users get to grips with your system, you may find issues. We'll respond quickly to investigate problems, fix bugs for free, or find new solutions.

6. Evolution

Adapting to your future

It doesn't stop when the project goes live. In fact that's where most of our work usually starts, because we still get most of our income from existing clients.

Constant evolution

As bespoke developers, we work on unique projects across a huge range of industries. That gives us more ideas on how you can improve your system, and adapt as your business needs change.

Stay independent

Our terms allow you to change suppliers and update the code without restriction in the future. 'Open source' PHP gives you access to a huge community of developers, and our code even includes notes to make it easier. We want clients to stay with us by choice (and they do).

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