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Is your software still working for you?

If your current software isn't fit for purpose, we can help you move on (at your own pace)

Time to move on?

Your current software probably does the job, and you've learned to live with its imperfections, but how much time and money are its limitations costing you now?

It might feel like you're delaying a decision, but really you're making a choice every day that you put up with your current software when you know it could be better.

This might mean a whole new system that's fit for purpose; using a new system alongside your old one; or just improving some key areas at first. We'll work at your pace and work closely with you to understand what you really need.

Most importantly, you already know what processes you need, and what needs to be improved, so it's easy to make things better. Read on to find out how our service:

  • Costs less than you might think
  • Saves time and makes your business stronger
  • Can be provided at your pace
  • Grows and adapts with you
  • Lets you stay independent
  • Keeps your data secure

Costs less than you might think

Get the best of both worlds: bespoke development without the premium price tag.

Bespoke for less

Get started quickly and produce what you need for less because of our previous projects and framework. And without compromising on getting an exact fit for your business.

Small but effective

We're a small team without the overheads of the average software house, and we pass that saving on to you. Along with personal service.

No contractual fees

You pay once for your bespoke software and then an ongoing hosting fee. That's it. No support contract or retainer, no set-up costs, and no user licences.

Slipstream Online

We helped this vegetable box delivery service move from a clunky process stuck on one computer to a seamless online service.

Slipstream Online deliver weekly vegetable boxes and other products to a loyal and growing customer base around Gloucestershire.

The problem

Their desktop software was tied to a single computer (for fear of any upgrade breaking the system), hard to use, and clunky from its ad hoc development over time. It wasted time, limited customer service, and reduced flexibility.

The solution

Our process of designing and developing a new online system helped Slipstream to review and improve their own processes. As web-based software, it's instinctive and quick for anyone to use, and doesn't rely on any one individual. It can also be accessed from anywhere, and saves time managing orders.

Saves time and makes your business stronger

We believe in making things easy for users. An easier system means staff save time, customers get better service, and your business gains a real business asset.

Everything you need and nothing you don't

No more workarounds, cluttered interfaces, or using several tools for one job. A simple system built around your business means you just get things done.

Independent of individuals

As a web-based system, your new software will be instantly familiar to anyone (not just that one member of staff who uses it all day). So you can keep your business running even if someone is off sick, and train new people more easily.

Work from anywhere

With remote working more relevant than ever, our web-based software requires nothing more than a computer with an internet connection. Nothing is installed on your computer so you don't need to be in the office. Work from home, your client's premises, or anywhere you like.

Can't be lost or destroyed

Your software is stored remotely so even if you lose paperwork, delete a file, or your computer breaks down, everything still works. It's a real business asset that makes your business more valuable.


Understanding what you really need before we get started.


We work to your schedule and budget.


Software built around your business.


Checks by multiple team members throughout the process.


Reliable hosting, free training and technical support.


Most of our work still comes from existing clients adding more.

Can be provided at your pace

You might want to start fresh with a complete replacement for your software, or you might want to take things one step at a time. It's up to you.

Consultative approach

We work hard to understand your business rather than just working through a list. Then we can offer the services you really need at a pace to suit you.

Bespoke development

We code all our web software by hand. While you benefit from elements we've produced before, your solution will be unique and fitted to your business.

No contracts or retainers

We charge for the work you need. Nothing else. We don't have retainers or support contracts. We can often provide fixed price quotes, or charge by the hour for more complex work.

Public sector client

Support of a legacy system alongside new development.

Our public sector client provides visitor information for local authorities so they can track things like park visits, WC footfall and footpath usage to deliver their services more effectively.

Legacy software

Their existing system was hard to maintain and update, dependent on a small number of people to provide support, and clunky from its ad hoc development. But it was still essential to the running of the business and couldn't simply be replaced.

A blended approach

We provided an ongoing management and improvement service for their existing system, but alongside this developed new features that benefitted from up-to-date bespoke code.

New features include a council dashboard so they can easily see all data in one place, and management of sales opportunities.

This flexible approach means we've reduced their risk while helping them make life easier for both clients and staff.

Grows and adapts with you

If you're using paper, spreadsheets or a single member of staff, your business is vulnerable. Bespoke software means consistent, logical processes that anyone can use. And this means more value for your business.


Our software fits your business perfectly, whether you've got an existing process to migrate or want to try something new. And it keeps changing with you.

Keep your other software

You don't have to replace everything. If you use third party software for things like accounting, bookings management, or anything else - we can link to that.

Easy for new staff

As you grow and take on staff, they'll find it easy to use your system. Familiar web interfaces, simple processes and instinctive software makes training faster.

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Lets you stay independent

We understand you might have reservations about using in-house code instead of off-the-shelf software, so we make sure you are not tied to us. Here's how:

  • We use PHP, which is 'open source' code that doesn't need a licence
  • There are more PHP developers than those working with nearly any coding language
  • Your system is provided within an 'irrevocable, perpetual licence' so you can change your code, move suppliers, and generally do what you want
  • We include 'commenting' in our code to explain things to future developers
  • We can help you get direct hosting in your business name, or even host your system on an office server

Keeps your data secure

Security is at the heart of our development.

Less likely to be attached

Most attacks on websites and web-based systems are on mainstream products like WordPress or Microsoft, simply because this provides more targets. As a bespoke website, your system will stay under the hacker's radar.

Security by default

We provide security features as standard, including encrypted passwords, obfuscated data fields and IP restrictions. And we can add more features if you need them.

Secure third party hosting

We use specialist hosting company Clook for their industry expertise and security features, including DBS-accredited staff, physical security and mirrored servers, to name just a few.

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