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Run your business better with software built for you

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Current software failing?

Migrate from spreadsheets?

Something completely new

Is your current software still working for you?

Software that doesn't fit your day to day processes could be hurting your business. A bespoke solution costs less than you might think, and will make life easier for staff and customers. We can help you work with existing solutions, gradually migrate over time, or simply start from scratch.

How we moved our client from legacy software

Need to upgrade from spreadsheets?

If you're still working on multiple spreadsheets, you're slowing things down. A bespoke, well-planned system fits your business. Streamline your processes, keep everything in one place and reduce your reliance on individual team members.

Developing bespoke online software for GBPF

Want something completely new?

If you need to create a whole new process, it takes the right planning and process to get things right. Avoid overcomplicated solutions, wasted budget and a delayed timescale by getting us involved early. We'll help you plan, build and ultimately deliver the perfect solution.

How we helped our clients to work remotely

How our software helps your business

Bespoke software is fit for purpose, while online means it's always accessible, and instantly familiar. We work with you to create a real business asset that simply makes life easier.

We are very much focussed on long-term (usually local) client relationships rather than the 'quick buck', which means you'll be guided at every step, and only offered the services you really need.

On this page, find out how we can help you:

  • Make your business more resilient
  • Spend less than you might think
  • Save money in the long run
  • Save staff time and make their life easier
  • Stay independent of us
  • Secure your business data

Make your business more resilient

If your business processes run on paperwork, spreadsheets or a single member of staff (even if it's you), then you're vulnerable. Bespoke software generates business value with consistent, logical processes that anyone can use.

Independent of individuals

Software built for your business means even if key staff members aren't there, or you need to train someone new, your business process remains.

Can't be lost or destroyed

Your software is stored remotely so if you lose paperwork, delete a file, or your computer breaks down, everything still works.

Access from anywhere

Stay connected by logging on from home, a customer's premises, or even a café. Your business is always available.

Saving time for British Powerlifting

We helped this sports membership organisation move from spreadsheets to an online solution.

"Bluelinemedia understood our requirements and were able to make suggestions for the best format of our new website and membership database. Implementation and launch were all very professional and any queries or updates were dealt with promptly. All in all a very rewarding experience."

Richard Parker, CEO.

Complete membership management

Members can apply online, register for competitions, and even receive their membership card by email. Referees can submit availability online. British Powerlifting themselves manage the whole process and member database from a single software solution.

How our client saves time

From spreadsheets and paperwork to a complete online solution, British Powerlifting have created a cleaner system that anyone can use. Members do more of the work, division leaders can manage their own group, and ultimately British Powerlifting save time.

Spend less than you might think

Bespoke doesn't have to mean expensive. We're a small team with agile development and lots of experience to help build your solution for less.

Bespoke without the price tag

Since 2001 we've worked in countless customer industries, and created a framework for rapid software development. Every solution is unique but by getting started more quickly, we save time.

We're the right size

As a team of five, we have don't have the overheads or marketing budget of a traditional software house. And our service is more personal, so we can work with you to meet your budget.

No extra costs

Other than hosting, your bespoke software has no ongoing costs. No user licences, no support contract, and no need for extra software or hardware.


We work hard to understand what you and your users really need.


Flexible to your schedule and budget (but no promises we can't keep).


Bespoke online software made quicker by our starting framework.


Multiple checks at every level to ensure an easy user experience.


Secure hosting, included training, and extra technical requirements.


We still get most of our work from existing clients asking for more.

Pay for your software in three instalments to spread costs

Deposit, mid-payment and completion fee

Find out more

Travail Employment Group

A bespoke job management system for multiple branches and consultants.

"Bluelinemedia pro-actively offered multiple solutions to satisfy our needs within promised timescales and budgets, and were very accommodating in structuring costs to suit the level of development progress at any one time. I've already recommended them."

Paul Phipps, Operations Director.

Complete job management

Travail's bespoke software allows management to control all branches and multiple levels of users with different rights, including internal documents and job posting.

Branch consultants can post jobs via Broadbean or add directly to their management system. Candidates can search jobs by keyword and distance, while the website automatically creates sector, branch and location pages to help search engine ranking.

The conversion rate of website visitors to job applications has increased by around 4 times.

Save money in the long run

With the right bespoke software built to fit your business, you'll save money on future development, and gain real business value.

Cheaper to maintain

With your software hosted online (or on your office server if you prefer), we can make changes and enhancements over the internet. Saving our time and your money.

Buy once and never again

With the right bespoke software, you won't have to buy another software product. Most of our work comes from existing clients because an effective bespoke solution keeps growing with your business.

Create a business asset

An effective software solution built around your business is a tangible asset that makes your business more valuable.

British Powerlifting

"Bluelinemedia understood our requirements and were able to make suggestions for the best format of our new website and membership database. Very professional and any queries or updates were dealt with promptly. All in all a very rewarding experience."

Richard Parker, CEO

Prospect Training Services

"We have worked with Bluelinemedia for over 8 years, and have always received fantastic service. You receive a response within a highly reasonable amount of time, there is always someone available to provide help."

Christie Rea, PA to the Directors

Oxford Wine Company

"A very proactive company who tailored their work exactly to suit our bespoke requirements on budget and understanding. Not job too small and easy to understand - no techno babble. We will be using them again."

Jonathan Chapman, Operations Director

You can improve your business with bespoke software

Are you ready to take the first step?

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Save staff time and make their life easier

We believe in making things easy for users, which starts with understanding exactly what you need. Communication is at the heart of our service.

Everything you need and nothing you don't

No more workarounds, busy interfaces, or multiple tools to do one job. Software that works for your business means an easier experience, and less time wasted.

Instantly familiar

Your new software will be familiar to anyone who's used a website. And you've helped design it. That's why our clients almost never need training, even with new staff.

Nothing to install

No desktop software and no hardware requirements. Nothing more than a web browser. During the Covid-19 crisis, our clients could access their system from any computer. Instantly.

We've integrated with all these

And even if your supplier isn't listed, we can work with them too!

Stay independent of us

You may have reservations about using 'proprietary' software against off-the-shelf. What if you want to move on? Can anyone else support the system? What if we all retire to Italy?

We understand. We don't want clients to be tied to us, because we want them to choose an ongoing relationship (and they do). So we make sure you stay in control:

  • Your software is built with PHP, an 'open source' programming language that doesn't require a licence
  • Developers working with PHP are one of the largest coding communities
  • Our terms provide an 'irrevocable, perpetual licence' that gives you complete freedom to change the code
  • All our code includes 'commenting', notes that help any developer to understand how things work
  • We can even set up a hosting account in your name, or a server in your office, for ultimate physical control

Secure your business data

You may be apprehensive about putting your business data 'on the cloud'. Security is absolutely fundamental to what we do.

Under the hacker's radar

Familiar products like WordPress or Microsoft Office experience security attacks because they are so well known. Your bespoke software is unique, so it's unlikely to be a target.

Security as standard

Our default security features include encrypted passwords, obfuscated data fields and IP restrictions. Our software has even been 'penetration tested' by Deloitte. And we can add as much bespoke security as you need.

Hosting you can trust

Aside from phenomenal service, our hosting partner Clook provide secure hosting including mirrored servers, DBS accredited staff and physical security.

Bite-size solutions

Browse some quick individual features we've developed for clients.

Celebrating 20 years of in-house development

You can improve your business with bespoke software

Are you ready to take the first step?

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