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Custom web solutions for membership and trade associations

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Projecting the right image?

How to serve members better?

More efficient, resilient processes

Does your website reflect your aspirations?

As your organisation develops and grows it's easy for your website to get left behind. Whether you need a simple update or a complete refresh of your online presence, we have the design skills and technical aptitude to deliver.

Expanding your offerings and delivering more responsive service

People expect ever more from their memberships, from easy access to information to events and online purchases. We can help you get all the basics right, as well as creating attractive and profitable new services for your members.

Reducing the workload and dependence on key people

No organisation can afford to be reliant on just one person for critical activities and updates. We offer expert advice and custom systems so you can delegate and share tasks, with tools and data shared securely across your team.

Developing custom web solutions to support you and your members

For organisations that are committed to growing and serving their membership, we create websites and bespoke systems that support their aspirations, reflect their professionalism and underpin efficient, flexible service.

We build long-term relationships, starting with an in-depth understanding of how you work and how you serve your members' interests. Our experience with trade and membership organisations means that we can offer insightful advice and help you create your own version of best practices.

While every client is unique, we have a framework and reusable components which mean you'll never pay to reinvent the wheel. We will work with you over the long-term, delivering what you need right now, then ensuring it grows and adapts as your organisation evolves to serve your membership.

Creating an outstanding online presence

Your website may be your most prominent feature for current and prospective members. Together we will make sure it does justice to all that you offer.

Fresh, professional appearance

Our designers will create a web presence that fits your values and exceeds expectations to help you attract and retain members.

Easy to find resources

By structuring your public website and members resources, we will make it easier for people to find what they need, without asking your team.

Updatable by you and colleagues

With a bespoke system we will make it easy for anyone to add or edit content, so there is no bottleneck when you need to update details on the website.

Managing members more easily

Are you and your staff focused on adding value for members, or spending your time doing laborious admin work?

Member self-service

Our systems can improve customer service and reduce your workload by giving members more control of their account and services.

Automation of routine tasks

Together we can give your staff time to innovate and serve customers better, by automating those tasks that a computer can do better.

Tools for regional teams

If you have people running local or national branches, we can give them access to resources that help them stay in touch and in control.

British Powerlifting

"Bluelinemedia understood our requirements and were able to make suggestions for the best format of our new website and membership database. Very professional and any queries or updates were dealt with promptly. All in all a very rewarding experience."

Richard Parker, CEO

Prospect Training Services

"We have worked with Bluelinemedia for over 8 years, and have always received fantastic service. You receive a response within a highly reasonable amount of time, there is always someone available to provide help."

Christie Rea, PA to the Directors

Oxford Wine Company

"A very proactive company who tailored their work exactly to suit our bespoke requirements on budget and understanding. Not job too small and easy to understand - no techno babble. We will be using them again."

Jonathan Chapman, Operations Director

Running events and member activities

The way you interact with members online and at events can be a key part of their reason to renew. Keep everything running smoothly with a system that works the way you do.

Supporting your specific situation

Unlike generic web management systems, we can build automation and workflows into your website, so every aspect of your events and activities is run the way you need.

Running for in-person events

Our systems can provide electronic sign-ins, publish proceedings or results and whatever else your staff and volunteers need to run successful events.

Integrated promotion and follow-up

To help your members make the most of what you offer, we can help you promote new events more selectively and follow-up without a lot of manual effort.


We work hard to understand what you and your users really need.


Flexible to your schedule and budget (but no promises we can't keep).


Bespoke online software made quicker by our starting framework.


Multiple checks at every level to ensure an easy user experience.


Secure hosting, included training, and extra technical requirements.


We still get most of our work from existing clients asking for more.

Pay for your software in three instalments to spread costs

Deposit, mid-payment and completion fee

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Connecting with other systems and services

A well run organisation needs to keep all its systems connected, through a pragmatic mix of manual and automated activities. We will help you find the right solutions, now and for the future.

Accounts and internal systems

A new web solution can replace everything that isn't working for you, but we will also make sure that it works seamlessly with the other systems that you rely on day to day.

Government and sector-specifics

If you need to link to data from government agencies or interact with services specific to your membership, we can create secure, custom integrations.

Cloud services

The Internet is full of new tools and services that allow you to experiment and innovate. We can help you select and connect to the best of them, safely and efficiently.

Saving time for British Powerlifting

We helped this sports membership organisation move from spreadsheets to an online solution.

"Bluelinemedia understood our requirements and were able to make suggestions for the best format of our new website and membership database. Implementation and launch were all very professional and any queries or updates were dealt with promptly. All in all a very rewarding experience."

Richard Parker, CEO.

Complete membership management

Members can apply online, register for competitions, and even receive their membership card by email. Referees can submit availability online. British Powerlifting themselves manage the whole process and member database from a single software solution.

How our client saves time

From spreadsheets and paperwork to a complete online solution, British Powerlifting have created a cleaner system that anyone can use. Members do more of the work, division leaders can manage their own group, and ultimately British Powerlifting save time.

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