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Helping a public sector provider take their legacy software gently into the future

Our client had a problem.

The legacy software that supported their business and customers was dependent on a small number of developers. Those developers were approaching retirement, and there were some aspects even they didn't fully understand.

Our client offers remote devices that count the users of public services such as WCs, bike paths and park gates. The current software provides reporting for councils to review this data, and deliver services more effectively.

In the long term, a completely new system would probably be more effective. But the current software was too complex and integrated to be quickly replaced. Read on to find out how we help:

Support legacy software with an eye on the future

Make sure our clients are independent of us

Add business value with constant improvement 


Get better results because we listen to your needs, avoid technical jargon and keep you involved at every step.

Support legacy software with an eye on the future

Our client's online software had been developed over time. This created challenges that are familiar to us. It was too dependent on its current developers. It had grown in an ad hoc manner so not all elements were fully understood. And the whole system was vulnerable if a single element went wrong.

As bespoke PHP developers, most of our work comes from existing clients. We're proud of our long relationships, and we knew we could offer a long view. Not just working through a list of changes to the current system, but taking a pro-active approach to future development as well.

Make sure our clients are independent of us

Working with legacy software has taught us the challenges our clients have faced. Proprietary code can be more restrictive than off-the-shelf options when you want to switch. What happens if you fall out with your current developers, their business has shut down, or they simply disappear?

While we're proud that our clients do stay with us, we also want to make sure it's a choice. There are a few ways we ensure you remain independent, and free to change developers in the future.

  • We work with PHP, an 'open source' code that doesn't require a licence
  • PHP developers are one of the biggest communities of software providers
  • You get an 'irrevocable, perpetual licence' that means you can do what you like with our code
  • Your software includes commenting in the code, notes that help the next developer
  • We can even source independent hosting or set up a server on your premises, so you have physical control over your software

Add business value with constant improvement

As our client's confidence in our services grew, we worked on new features to improve their service to customers. Like an individualised client portal so that councils could easily view their data in graph form. Working on the engineer login that allows staff to report from remote locations. And maintaining secure user access.

We've also developed an Opportunities area to manage sales leads and clients. Sales staff can create an opportunity, move it through stages of progress, record communication with customers, create actions and reminders, and even issue a quote in PDF format.

We're working with our client to develop a more reliable and less vulnerable system, respond to new customer requirements more quickly, and make life easier for users.

About our client

As a public service provider, our client specialises in smarter public toilets, allowing customers such as local councils to learn more about the footfall and activity in their facilities, which in turn can help reduce costs and improve service.


Save on future development costs with more efficient code

Reduce business risk with a stable and reliable system

Respond to customer needs more quickly

Make life easy for users

"Our client needed someone to take over software management with a view to re-developing. The current system had issues of reliability and ongoing support, so they needed someone to keep that working. At the same time they wanted to add features within a new environment that could eventually replace the original."

James Brown, Bluelinemedia Project Manager

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