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Migration to online membership management

British Powerlifting has grown consistently since its inception of 2008, helping more members to gain official affiliation in local and British championships. But with growth came an increase in administration, managed by a small team with spreadsheets and manual dispatch of membership cards. We worked with British Powerlifting to produce a complete online solution to save time, help members, and provide flexibility for future growth.

Read our case study to find out how our services helped:

Do more for members with a new website

Save time in managing the membership

Increase control and remove dependence on individuals

Create a system able to keep growing

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Do more for members with a new website

As well as a complete re-design of the website to provide a more professional bespoke look and feel, members can now apply online. They can register for membership, apply for individual championships, and make instant, secure card payments.

Once registered with British Powerlifting, members can instantly check their member details, get reminders on renewal, and opt for news updates by email.

Save time in managing the membership

British Powerlifting gained a number of benefits from their migration from spreadsheets to bespoke online software. Working together, we were able to translate their existing processes into a single online membership management tool.

Regular administrative tasks are quicker, more accurate and most importantly, all stored in one place backed up on the cloud. We were also able to add new features such as posting instant news updates to the Facebook page and by email to members.

Many tasks in the British Powerlifting system now simply happen automatically. Members do more of the work themselves, and are automatically moved between statuses in the application process. The system even generates instant PDF membership cards automatically.

Increase control and remove dependence on individuals

By moving from a disparate manual process to online software, British Powerlifting have created a system that is no longer dependent on one person. Admin staff have more freedom and flexibility, while the system gives the organisation a real asset for the future.

More control over their data includes allowing regional divisions to add members directly, quick and easy management of championships, and control of individual membership including temporary or lifetime bans.

Create a system able to keep growing

We work hard to understand our clients needs, and are always pleased when we can work together over the long term. In fact we've spent almost 50% of the original project time again on new enhancements since developing the original system in 2016. Ongoing evolution includes adding referee availability and electronic membership cards.

About British Powerlifting

The GB Powerlifting Federation has quadrupled its membership in the last six years, and is by far the largest powerlifting organisation in the UK. The GBPF runs a wide programme of local and British championships. Visit their website.


Save time for British Powerlifting admin staff

Faster, more effective service for members

Create a real business asset by formalising processes

Able to react and grow with the membership over time

"Bluelinemedia responded immediately to my enquiry via their website and an initial meeting was set up quickly. They understood our requirements and were able to make suggestions for our new website and membership database. Implementation and launch were all very professional and any queries or updates were dealt with promptly. All in all a very rewarding experience."

Richard Parker, CEO

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