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Hotel management 'software as a service' for bookings and guests

GuestList is our own product, launched so that we could make it easier for smaller accommodation owners to get things done. Many existing products are cluttered with unnecessary features, hard to use and not suited to smaller accommodation like B&Bs, campsites and self-catering properties. For a low monthly subscription, GuestList customers get instant and simple booking management from any internet-enabled computer.

Part of a new wave of simple web-based "software as a service" or SAAS products, we wanted GuestList to provide simplicity above all. We put usability first by defining user interface web design before coding, and working closely with a number of B&B and self-catering owners during development.

Features include a booking calendar for an instant view of availability and a quick booking process, as well as dashboard alerts on who's arriving or leaving today. Owners can integrate an availability calendar and booking request form with their own website, as well as generating invoices and receipts, storing reminders against guests and units, managing their own units and unit types, and storing guest details and preferences. And they can see reports on activity such as bookings, bad debtors and payments per day.

GuestList itself provides a single user experience across multiple accounts, allowing us to give every customer new features and free upgrades as we develop it further.

What we did

  • Web-based "software as a service"
  • Booking management
  • Online availability
  • Guest database
  • Online reports
It is really easy to use. The graphical bookings page is very useful for at a glance checking when we get a phone enquiry. We will certainly be telling our colleagues in the area about it.
Pete & Janet House, Bless This Nest (GuestList customers)

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