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About our hosting services

Author: Justin Munro

At Bluelinemedia one of the services we offer is website hosting. There are so many different hosting companies all charging very different prices it can be difficult to choose one.

It can often be cheaper to buy hosting for your website yourself but with our hosting you receive technical support. This can be extremely valuable when dealing with hosting as it can be quite complicated to setup and manage a hosting package.

If your website is not currently hosted then all we need is your choice of domain name and we handle the rest making the process of getting your website up and running on some hosting extremely easy for yourself. If your website is already hosted then we just need some details about your current host and we will then handle the transfer of the website across to our hosting. Our current clients find this technical support highly valuable and worth the cost of our hosting.

All our hosting packages come with control panel access, unlimited email addresses and website statistics included in the price. Quite often other hosting companies will charge you for these features.

Each year we review your hosting by looking at the amount of bandwidth and disk space you have used. Since this is done on a yearly basis you don't pay for any increase in hosting until the following year. If you have stayed within your package limits then you will remain on the same hosting package.

Cheap hosting can often be unreliable and slow meaning your website is not consistently available to your customers or is slow to load. Our hosting is extremely reliable and fast leading to your website being always available to your customers and having quick load times.

Below are our hosting prices which are charged yearly:

  • Low (500mb bandwidth, 100mb disk space) £150 + VAT
  • Medium (2gb bandwidth, 250mb disk space) £200 + VAT
  • High (5gb bandwidth, 1gb disk space) £250 + VAT
  • Then each additional 1gb disk space adds £25 + VAT
  • Charity rate £50 + VAT
  • Extra accounts £100 + VAT

We can also buy domains on your behalf, which we will always put in your name and automatically renew so you never lose them:

  • UK domains (,, etc) £25 + VAT for 1 year
  • Global domains (.com, .org, etc) £25 + VAT for 1 year