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Why hasn't your website got a secure certificate yet?

Author: James Brown

We've installed secure certificates for 39 of our clients so far, and we're recommending every website has one. Why?

It helps your Google ranking. Although the impact is currently quite low, Google has announced that security of websites is a factor in its search algorithms that may increase in the future.

It reassures your customers. Many browsers like Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are now highlighting any website as "Not secure" if it doesn't have a secure certificate. This worries your website users, many of whom like to see the reassurance of a green URL and padlock symbol.

It protects your data and that of your website users. A secure certificate protects the data that is submitted to your website, and it's not just about payments. Security of personal data is much more relevant with GDPR compliance. This could be personal details in a contact form, your login details for a content management system, or any other information submitted through your website.

Installation is just £100 + VAT per year (initial installation may be more for third party hosting) and we can take care of everything.