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Feedburner - a guide

Author: Justin Munro

Feedburner is a very useful service provided by Google to allow your feeds to be monitored and then analysed. The Feedburner interface has 5 tabs, Analyze, Optimize, Pulicize, Monetize and Troubleshootize. At Bluelinemedia we are currently using Feedburner for our blog RSS feed and we find it very useful.

The Analyze tab allows you to view statistical information about your feed. This is one of the most useful items as it contains detailed information about your most popular feed items and number of subscribers. It also allows you to export this information as an Excel or CSV file.

There are many different services offered under the Optimize tab that help you to optimise your feed. These include services like FeedFlare that adds a footer to each feed item that can contain an email link, comments count, subscribe to this feed link, social bookmarks etc. There is also an option to make your feed browser friendly allowing it to easily readable regardless of what browser the user is using.

The Publicize tab provides tools to allow you to increase the amount of users who can view your feed. For example Socialize is one tool that allows you to connect your feed to a Twitter account so it can automatically post your feed item to your Twitter feed.

Monetize allows you to add Google Ads into your feed as a way of gaining advertising revenue through your feed.

Finally Troubleshootize is a area that gives you help with trouble shooting issues that you are having with your feed. For example if you are having problems with invalid characters in your feed.

That is just a snapshot of Feedburner and should help you to understand what this tool is and how it could be useful to your feed.

If you wish to access Feedburner click the following link: Feedburner