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Blog > Advantages of working in teams

At Bluelinemedia we make sure every project is worked on by a team rather than just one person in the company. We feel this greatly benefits the projects we work on and the clients we deal with.

Our project teams will always include a Client Manager, Project Manager and developers. A major benefit of having this amount of people involved in a project is so that when a member of the team is absent for example, there are other people in the team who know just as much about the project. This means work and client communication can continue uninterrupted whilst this team member is absent. Many 'one man bands' do not have this luxury and therefore projects they are working on have serious issues when they are absent.

Working in a team allows us to have improved testing when compared with projects with just one person. The developers test their work throughout the development of a project and when they are happy they pass the work to the Project Manager. The Project Manager will then fully test the work submitted and if there are any errors this will be passed back down to the developers otherwise the project testing will be passed onto the Client Manager. The Client Manager will complete high level testing on the project. This method of having different people testing the project before delivering it to the client leads to fewer errors in the client delivery. Often by having different people looking at the project errors are more easily spotted.

Having a team working on a project leads to less time spent problem solving any issues that arise in that project. This is due to a team of people rather than just one person knowing all about a project and therefore being able to discuss and help other team members if necessary without having to be briefed on the project first.

It is very helpful to clients who need to be kept updated with the project that there is a team of people who know a lot about the project. This means if the Client Manager is unavailable other members of the team will be able to update the client or answer any questions to do with the project.

The reasons above should make it clear why we at Bluelinemedia work in teams and how this benefits all our clients.