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Website developer skills

Author: James Brown

There are many different skills and experiences required for being a web developer, but if we look at the skills and experiences that we would look for based on the technologies we use.

  • Ideally a developer will have 2 years experience working in PHP, if this is commercial experience then that would be more beneficial
  • Working in frame works
  • Working with MySQL databases, setting up and managing existing databases
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • xhtml and knowledge of webstandards
  • Good problem solving

Most of the projects we undertake require a team of developers to work together on designated tasks to ensure deadlines are met. A web developer would need to work well in a team as well as on thier own for smaller projects. This also involves good time and task management all contributing to efficiency.

As our work is predominantly technical development there is a low level of graphical knowledge needed, although a good knowledge of Photoshop or Fireworks or a similar graphics editing package in order to rework imagery would be beneficial.