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Track your website enquiries

Author: James Brown

When someone makes an enquiry to your business do you track the source of the lead? If not, then you could be missing out on crucial information and you won't know if any marketing activities are working.

By tracking the source of the enquiry and storing key information in something as basic as a spreadsheet then that gives you the information to look back through in order to make an assessment on what you can change about your marketing campaigns.

For example taking enquiries over the phone is one of the most common enquiries, so it is worth having a series of questions that you can ask to get valuable information about the enquiry. This could be details about the caller such as name, company, email and telephone. Also how did they hear about you? If their information is a little vague then you can prompt them with your various marketing campaigns. This is crucial as you can then work out which of you marketing strategies are bringing in the most leads.

If you have a website then you have a number of options to capture this information. Setting up a basic contact form on your website allows you to collect information submitted by someone. You can further enhance the information on a contact form by applying Google analytics to the forms confirmation page. The extra information provided by Google enables you to track which search engine they have come from including their search terms as well as any of your Google's adverts that they may have clicked on.