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Blog > Working with large businesses

Obtaining business and working with large organisations can be a daunting prospect for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Here's a bit of advice about how we do it.

At Bluelinemedia we have managed to obtain web development work from numerous large businesses some of which initially needed a little help in understanding the benefits of working with an SME.

When creating a proposal for a large company often the SME will need to provide a lot more reasons to use them than a larger company going for the job.

Here are a few suggestions to help you put together a proposal for a project with a large business:

1. Explain the benefits of working with an SME company - with most proposals you may have just explained the benefits of working with your company but in this case it may be better to expand this to include benefits of specifically working with an SME.

2. Name drop - Large companies will gain more confidence in using your company if they know of other successful projects you have completed for large businesses.

3. Provide detailed explanations of similar projects highlighting important factors of each project - Large businesses like numbers and providing them with details such as, you completed a web project that now has 10,000 users logging in each day, will hopefully impress them and give them confidence in your business. Where you may have just provided brief details or web urls of projects you have completed in proposals for other SME, it should help to provide a lot more detail when submitting a proposal to a large company.

4. The personal touch - a benefit of being a SME means you can add a much more personal approach to selling what you have to offer to the large business. Use the initial meetings to gain a good rapport with the client and make sure whoever attends the meeting continues to be the point of contact for the client.

5. Fast response - Being a SME should allow you to have less bureaucracy than a large company and therefore enable you to provide the client with a quick response to questions, proposals and quotes. Use this to your advantage to gain more confidence from the large company that they can easily get hold of you during the project.

Using the points above should hopefully help your SME when facing the problem of how to gain work from a large company.