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Why the lowest quote isn't the best

Author: Ben Jeffery

If you're comparing quotes, we won't be the cheapest (or the most expensive). We charge around £5000 for a typical brochure site, while some companies charge £500 or less. We believe we give that extra value in the quality and service we provide, but we understand it's not easy for you to make a judgement from the outside. The price of a website isn't about the number of pages you need, but the service and quality you get.

The real cost

In our experience most websites will run for 3-5 years, so consider the cost over this whole period. If you've bought a simple website, what happens when you want to add extra pages or content in the future? If you run a new marketing campaign, how much will it cost to add individual landing pages or update the search engine content of your website? If you want to change web designers in the future, how much will it cost to start again?

We build a long-term solution and develop your content management in parallel with your website, not as a bolt-on. This means you can always edit your content and even add new pages yourself at no cost. We code in a way that makes it easy for us and other companies to update your website in the future, and we don't tie you to us or our hosting. Aside from hosting and domain renewal, we don't charge any ongoing costs.

The real value

Your new website is an investment over a number of years, and will impact all your sales and marketing efforts by convincing visitors to get in touch or buy online. If you're spending money on marketing which relies on your website, is 'cheap and cheerful' good enough?

We've provided nothing but web design since 2001 and between our five staff we have the experience to design and build a website that will promote your business and look after your users. We learn about your business and your customers first, so we can create an effective website that delivers real results.

Paying for service

If you pay £500 for a website, you're probably buying a template or hiring a "one man band". There's nothing wrong with small companies, but what happens to your business if they go on holiday, shut down the business and get a new job, or just get too busy with other clients? Is this enough for your business?

We're a team of six and our clients like our position between the limitations of a "one man band" and the high overheads of a larger agency. We've developed our project management process over a number of years, handle multiple projects all the time, and always have more than one person involved in your website. We've been growing since 2001 and have continued to grow even through the recession, so we're here to stay.

Know what you're paying for

We're not saying you shouldn't pay £500 for a website, but you should understand what you're getting whether you're paying £500 or £5000. If you're ready for a real investment in the future of your business, give us a call.

Quick list of what you get from us

  • Content management built around your site
  • Edit content and add your own pages for nothing
  • Professional code that makes future changes easier
  • Free to move to other suppliers and use your own hosting
  • No ongoing costs other than optional hosting and domains
  • Experts in web design since 2001
  • 5 staff so there's always someone available
  • Grew during the recession and here to stay
  • 75% of our work from repeat business
  • Established project management process