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Automatically send text updates

Author: Sirbastian Manning

One of our clients recently contacted us and asked if it were possible to send SMS messages from their website straight to their users.

Knowing that this was possible we we looked into a variety of options and decided to use the services provided by FastSMS.

FastSMS provides not only an online interface to send SMS messages directly from their website but they also provide a feature rich developer API that allowed us to integrate

directly with our clients web application. This integration allowed our client to either send SMS messages to specific users of their system directly, or to send out SMS messages along with any email correspondence that's sent out to their users.

Integrating this type of service with a website is often something that's overlooked due to unnecessary misconceptions such as the need to have specialised server hardware or large licensing fees but as the web becomes a more established software platform more and more services like SMS become available to developers, clients and ultimately the end users of our websites.