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Creating a PDF automatically from a web page

Author: Justin Munro

At Bluelinemedia one service quite a few of our clients ask for is the dynamic creation of PDF documents using data from their website.

PDF documents are very useful for many reasons including the following. They can be setup to a certain design and the client knows that when a user reads that document it will appear exactly as the design and layout, therefore preserving the look and feel of the document created.

Automatic PDF conversion

They are nearly impossible to edit so the client can rest assured that the document the system creates will not be editable by the user who views it. PDF documents are also quick to create and easy to send via email which makes them perfect for online applications/systems. At Bluelinemedia we have a lot of experience dynamically converting PDF files using systems we create.

Dynamic PDF conversion examples

  • Insurance documentation including policy information
  • Poster adverts
  • Warranties
  • CVs

All of these documents are created dynamically from the systems that contain the data. When the user requests a PDF document the system firstly fetches the data and PDF template and then uses those to create a PDF document. The document is then either sent by email to a user or saved and opened.

Let us know if you are interested in dynamic PDF conversion, as provided for HR Connexions.