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How we add value to your web design project

Author: Ben Jeffery

When you hire Bluelinemedia, you're not just getting a developer who will run through your work list. We add value to your project with ideas, feedback and improvements. Every stage of our process helps both you and us to think more about what you need.

First meeting

We try to get back to the basics of the project by finding out not just what you want but why, what your ultimate objectives are, your customers and products. If we know more about your fundamental objectives, we can come up with better and different ideas about all the various little issues and decisions that come up during design and development.


Rather than rushing into a list of work tasks, we spend time on the design and requirements stage. This is not just to make the development more efficient, but also to make you think differently about what you want. During the design phase we talk about page layout or "wireframes" first, then build on this with graphic design and colour. We ask things like your favourite sites, customer types, what process they should take on your website, and more. This dialogue helps us learn more about your objectives and come up with ideas for you to do it better.


We like to think and plan first. Our approach to development is to ask questions as early as possible, so in the process of developing a requirements document we'll ask about the detail of your website. This process is repeated several times as we show you different stages of development and get your feedback. Our ideas could be about keeping costs down, simplifying the process for users, or improving the chances of someone taking action.

Ongoing involvement

Your website is just the start, and we'll be full of ideas about how you can improve things in the future. When we develop your site we'll have been thinking of the impact in the future: whether you'll need to change something yourselves, how it will be maintained, what happens if you add a new item in future, and so on. Around 75% of our work comes from existing clients so we value long term relationships.