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Blog > What to ask web designers

If you're looking for a new web designer, there are a few questions you should ask yourself or your potential supplier to help you find the right agency:

  • How big is your company? One-man bands may be cheaper but what happens when they have a holiday? On the other hand, working with a larger agency can mean higher costs to cover their overheads. Think about which supplier suits you best.
  • What makes you different? What's the one thing that makes them stand apart from their competitors? Is that the most important thing to you too?
  • What if I want to update the site myself? Ask whether you'll be able to edit the site content yourself, and whether there are any costs involved.
  • What other costs are there? If you're getting a quote, is it fixed price or open-ended? Are there other costs, like a maintenance contract, hosting or a fee for content management?
  • How technical are they? Do they speak in technical jargon that you can't understand? Or do they struggle to answer your questions? You need expertise and good communication.
  • What specific examples do you have? They may have lots of examples but are they relevant to your industry or the kind of website you need?
  • How do you manage projects? Ideally they should have a defined process which keeps you informed and involved throughout.