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PDF page link

Author: Justin Munro

A client of ours recently needed to link to specific pages within a pdf document. This is something I did not realise was possible so I thought it may be useful to post how this is done.

PDF documents can sometimes be very large and often just have one link in a webpage to that document. What may be more useful is that whenever the copy on the webpage mentions something in the pdf, have a link directly to that page. This would be a lot more useful for the user and allow them to easily find relevant pages in the pdf to what they are reading on the webpage.

The method I will describe is very simple and will enable those pdf links to take the user directly to the pdf page that contains the information described in the webpage.

Firstly you will need to upload the pdf document to where your website is hosted.

Usually you will link to the document like this:

To link to a specific page you can use the following syntax '#page=4'. This would link you to page four in the pdf document. Below is an example of how this would be used: