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Blog > Our top 5 wishes for 2011

The start of a new year always sparks a lot of conversation about what people think will change in the year to come. A lot of things changed in 2010 and 2011 is already set the be a huge year for web development.

On Monday I asked everyone here at Bluelinemedia to email me with a list of three internet related things they'd love to see change in 2011. By far the most popular thing was to see Internet Explored 6 retired by Microsoft and support for the grandfather browser dropped by all major websites so I'll exclude this from our list to make it more interesting.

Out top 5 wishes for 2011

  • More developer tools that will help streamline the development process to save us time
  • The continued migration of more traditional desktop applications to the cloud
  • Increased support for mobile/offline website access
  • A standard HTML5 video format that all platforms and browsers support
  • Faster adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 by all major browsers