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Online shop feedback from Enekes

Author: Ben Jeffery

We're asking some of our clients and other businesses how they feel about the web. This time it's our client Mark Davies, owner of Enekes.

Briefly describe your business and customers

We sell quality branded luggage and leather goods, we have a wide range of customers from young to old, we have something for everyone.

Who uses your website?

It's a wide range of people, we are finding it's customers looking for specific branded items ie samsonite, brics, antler.

What does your website do for your business?

It gives people an idea about us, it makes us reach a much wider audience than Cheltenham, it generates a lot of leads for us, which 99% of time we turn into sales, so although the customer doesnt always buy through the site they will phone up, ask a few questions and pay over the phone.

What frustrates you as a website user?

Slow websites, links not working (we have a couple!!), poor imagery and poor description, saying something's in stock when it isn't.

Name a really good website and why you like it

I like, it's easy to navigate. In our business is very good for images which we can use for our own site. I spend most of my money at because the selection there is fantastic.

What's the one thing every business website should do?

Give a good representation of your business.

Which is more important, good design or ease of use?

That's a tough one, I think you need a good designed site for customers to have faith in you and end up putting their credit card details in there. Poor design I think makes customers wary about you, but a hard to use website puts me off straight away. If a company wants me to spend money with them, at least make it easy to do so! So probably ease of use.

Visit Mark's own website (designed and developed by us) at