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Including Facebook content on your website

Author: Simon Jackson

One of our clients recently asked us to integrate their Facebook group site into their existing website. This seemed simple enough - simply log in as the group administrator, use the Facebook developer centre section to extract the relevant Javascript, pop it in the page and then style it.

It was that simple up to the point of styling it, however Facebook's developer help centre is woefully short on details. If you are integrating with the intention of maintaining the standard Facebook layout then you should be fine, but if you are trying to implement in a fluid layout or hoping to change the dimensions in any way then you will find the information you need is simply missing. There is no definition of the xhtml that the javascript generates and no indication as to what ids or classes are used by the various elements. The best you can hope for is to simply find an example via Google that you can hack around a bit.

Ultimately, all they would have to do is publish an example xhtml excerpt. So why don't they?

In the end I had to use the IFrame implementation in order to implement a fluid width box. It shouldn't have been so difficult.