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Brief for designers outsourcing web design

Author: Justin Munro

We work with many designers and design companies building the websites or systems they have created a design for. Many designers prefer leaving the technical side of building their clients websites to Bluelinemedia leaving them time to concentrate on the deigns.

At Bluelinemedia we thought it would be helpful to write down in a blog what we need from designers when working with them to create a website.

An optional stage is to initially submit us a concept design. We can then review it from our perspective and offer any suggestions/features that we think would improve the website. These suggestions could be to do with usability for example which we have a great deal of experience dealing with.

The most important item we need is the design. This needs to be a layered file preferably in Photoshop or png format although we can work with other formats.

We also need a site map detailing all the pages in the website and how they link together.

If we are adding your content to the website we will need all the copy, images and document files.

If there are any forms on the website or if the site sends any emails then we will need to know the email addresses you wish these to be sent to.

Finally if you are hosting the website yourself or the client already has hosting setup then we will need access details to this to enable us to setup the website on their hosting. This will usually include FTP login details as well as a control panel access details.