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BlueEdit 3.0

Author: James Brown

All of our clients will have used BlueEdit our content management system (CMS) but it's now starting to feel a little out dated. This is why we have started the ball rolling on the next version of BlueEdit 3.0. As well as new elegant look and feel we plan to integrate many new and improved features.


We plan to have 4 user levels including admin, editor, publisher and editor/publisher. This will allow an administrator to let other people publish and/or edit the website's content etc.

Draft Pages

Saving a new page as a draft will mean you can review the pages before actually putting it live for the world to see. This lets you tidy, spell check and view the final look of the page before anyone see's it!

New Image Management

We hope to make some drastic changes to how you manage you uploaded images. Currently images are displayed as a list, this can be confusing for those with many images as you cannot see a thumbnail of the image or what page it is currently on. So the idea is to have a gallery style page which you can rearrange by tag, description and page, this way not only can you see your images but can easily find the one you're looking for.

These are just a few of the ideas we have planned. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed for more updates on BlueEdit 3.0