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The hidden epidemic

Author: Ben Jeffery

There's a new epidemic sweeping the planet, and it's not what you think. Sure, there are diseases, wars and food shortages across the globe. But what about web developers? Coding all day without sunlight, eating nothing but takeaways, and of course spending all their time at the desk.

Here at Bluelinemedia, we're working to stop Causes of Sedentary Situations (CSS). We're going to change the world one step at a time with our War on Weighty Workplaces (WWW). So let us tell you How To (be) More Lean (HTML).

Are you a web developer? Do you know a web developer who needs our help? There's no need to stop coding! Just fit in our five simple exercises while you work.

Ben sit-ups

Checking your work for errors? It's the perfect chance to fit in 10 repetitions of sit-up curls.

Simon squats

Why not try a few squats while you're reviewing the latest visitor stats for your website?

James press ups

How much time do you waste waiting to upload files to the FTP server? Do some press ups!

Justin pull ups

Of course your website needs to work on mobiles, but you've still got an arm spare for pull-ups.

Sirbo tea

Strong wrists are essential for web developers, so keep up those curls while you're taking that break.

Together we'll create a better world for web developers. Good luck, and good exercising!