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Still haven't checked your website for GDPR?

Author: Justin Munro

Yes GDPR is still a thing, and you need to make sure your website is compliant. The regulation is now in force for all UK businesses, and requires you to take steps to review and manage how you store personal data.

We've reviewed a number of our clients' websites to identify and make changes for GDPR compliance, and can carry out a more detailed review for £70 + VAT.

Does this apply to your website?

Yes, if you collect any personal data. Does your website have a contact form, user registration, customer purchase or email subscription? Then you need to make this compliant. This would also apply if you store any information provided by email or phone.

Get a privacy policy

Writing a privacy policy is not just a way to tick a compliance box, but the best approach to defining your approach to personal data and how you handle it. It establishes to customers that you take their privacy seriously, and provides the first step in the processes you need to follow that through. A legal expert is best but you can adapt this free version (we take no responsibility for this link):

Check third party services

If anyone else handles personal data on your behalf, ask them about GDPR compliance. This could be email marketing software like MailChimp, a customer database like Salesforce, or even email services.

Review how you manage personal data

GDPR goes beyond the website and into how your business handles personal data. Start with a review of how you handle data now, and use this as a basis for processes that ensure you are compliant. The Information Commissioner's Office provides lots of guidance.