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Send automatic SMS to customers

Author: Simon Jackson

Send automatic reminders with text messages

We've recently integrated with Text Magic to provide SMS within our bespoke software. Abbey Scrap Cars allow customers to submit their car details online, receive an instant quote for scrapping their vehicle, arrange collection and get paid. It's really simple for customers, and puts Abbey in full control of the process. Part of our bespoke order management system for Abbey Scrap Cars integrates with Text Magic for SMS alerts.

Customers provide their mobile number when they accept the price for their vehicle, and can then receive updates throughout the process. This includes both automatic alerts for each stage of the process, and the option for Abbey to send custom individual messages. Customers are constantly informed as their vehicle is collected and payment is made.

There are a number of SMS integration providers available. We recommended Text Magic for the ease of integration and cost, but we work with a number of different providers for SMS and other software integration, including API.