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Save time with bespoke software development

Author: Ben Jeffery

If you're spending a lot of time on a business process, we can make your life easier with bespoke web-based software. We've helped our clients save time with the examples below.

For Slipstream Organics we took their existing desktop software for managing weekly vegetable box orders, and created a bespoke web-based system. This meant they weren't reliant on a single computer or staff member, and owner Nick said we saved at least a day a week of their time.

Abbey Scrap Cars have an automatic system for managing their vehicle collection and scrapping process. This includes looking up a vehicle registration to find its technical specifications, calculation of customer prices, and connection to the DVLA for certificates of destruction. The whole process saves hours for the Abbey team.

Are you wasting time on processes? Perhaps you:

  • Use spreadsheets to manage data
  • Process orders with physical paperwork
  • Enter your customer details manually
  • Use desktop software no longer fit for purpose
  • Rely on a single member of staff to understand the current system

As bespoke website developers, we can use software to create any process that you need. A web-based system is easy for anyone to use, not dependent on a specific member of staff, and easy to update in the future. You can even let your customers update their own details to save you doing it for them. It will not only provide a faster, more efficient process for your team, but also create a base that can adapt and grow with your business.

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