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Sage Accounting cloud software integration

Author: Simon Jackson

Sage accounting software integration

Sage dominates the field in accounting software for business, but did you know it can also be linked to other online services, including your own website? Now that Sage has embraced the cloud environment, we can use their API service to send and receive records. This means you can still use your existing Sage accounting system while seamlessly connecting with other online services. For example, our client is able to send new orders to Sage from our bespoke web system, automatically generating an invoice and online payment link. We can also update the web system when an invoice is marked as paid on Sage. Other options include importing product and customer data from Sage to a bespoke website (or vice versa), creating new customer accounts, and updating stock numbers. Almost anything you can do with Sage can also be completed automatically and linked to your online shop, order processing system, or other web-based system. Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke web software and Sage accounting integration.