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Online versions of desktop software

Author: Sirbastian Manning

Using the Internet as a place to develop and use online software is becoming increasingly common, and with advancements in both server hardware and online languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP it's now possible to completely replace a range of traditional desktop applications with online alternatives.

While the initial switch from a desktop application to an online application might seem like a big jump there are some key advantages to consider when making the switch.

Access Anywhere

Due to the nature of online software it can be accessed from any computer/laptop with an Internet connection.

This can completely eliminate the need to buy and install multiple versions of the same software.

Secure Data

Most online applications store and process large amounts of information on a daily basis so it is vital for them to keep the data backed up security.

This is often something a lot of computer users don't have time to setup themselves (until they loose important work!) so to have a someone else manage it can be a huge benefit.

No Long Software Installations

Modern computer software can often take anywhere from a few minutes to hours to install and once they're installed there can be additional setup stages that must be completed before the software can be used.

Online software eliminates this need to install and is often available straight away after completing the registration process.

Always Use the Latest Version

Online applications can be updated in a very short space of time and the updated can often be completely unnoticed by users.

When compared to traditional desktop software updates that are either done manually or take up a lot of computer resources to apply, the online method is completely stress free.

Interesting Examples

Below are some nice examples of web software available already