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Online membership management systems

Author: Simon Jackson

Web development for membership organisations

We've helped a number of membership organisations, including British Powerlifting and the DTA. As well as a promotional website to help market the organisation to potential members, our clients have had a number of bespoke features that make it easier to manage their members needs.

The DTA website includes a CPD (continuing professional development) area where members can login, read articles and fill out multiple choice exams to test their knowledge. They can even view progress and print certificates demonstrating their fulfilment of CPD obligations.

Member payments are a key aspect for our clients in the trade association industry, and we provide a number of options. Automatic payment and yearly subscriptions integrated with Stripe card payment processing provides automatic income with no admin. Our clients can manage member profiles on their bespoke online software, and then allow members to store their card details securely online. Bespoke features include automatic upgrade of newly qualified members through different membership levels each year, and a 6-month trial option that automatically transfers to full membership.

British Powerlifting members can check their membership online before competing in a powerlifting event, and even download their membership card as a PDF at any time.

Membership organisations are often run by a small but dedicated team with a limited amount of time and budget, which can be an issue if a member of staff moves on. If you're spending time on spreadsheets and paperwork, a bespoke software system will help you serve members better and save your time. You'll also have control over your membership data, and the opportunity to spend time on areas that might be neglected while you're overwhelmed with admin.

Giving members control over aspects of their membership online has a number of benefits, not just engaging members more closely in your organisation and giving them control over their data, but also saving your time and keeping date more up to date. You can find out more about how we helped British Powerlifting migrate to online membership management.