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How to make sure software helps your business

Author: Ben Jeffery

Make your life easier with software

If you're looking to save time and money in your office, software provides an obvious opportunity. But it's not just about cold numbers, it's about making life better for everyone involved. Get your software right and you'll make customers happier, staff more relaxed, and give managers more information.

There are numerous benefits to improving your processes with software:

> Save time by automating repetitive tasks

> Save time by letting customers enter and manage their own information

> Reduce dependence on individual staff by creating consistent processes

> Grow your business by making it easier for new staff to find their way

> Save money on wasted time

Often, just the act of planning your software requirements can bring benefits before you even start spending money. Software requires you to establish a clear and consistent process for whichever task you are going to improve. You have to make that process neater and more logical, whether it's recruitment, processing customer orders, calculating insurance quotes, or anything else.

The planning process naturally removes individual quirks, workarounds and niggles that your team have managed to cope with so far. Planned right, your new software will add business value by making your processes easier to learn, manage and scale up.

Bespoke software means you don't have to compromise

While there may be an existing software product that does most of what you need, it's never going to quite fit your business. Software that provides 90% of what you need can still have a great impact on your productivity and time, or it may be a solution that works for a limited amount of time.

However, bespoke software fits around your business, rather than requiring you to adapt around it. You can plan your process - whether it's converting an existing paper trail or spreadsheet matrix - and know that your software will match that precisely.

For help working out your software requirements and how we can help your work better, get in touch.