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How a website content management system helps your business

Author: Ben Jeffery

A content management system lets you quickly and easily make changes to your website. It should allow you to add new pages, update images, post videos and generally stay in control of your content. So when you get that customer testimonial, new member of staff or want to promote a different service, your website is instantly up to date. This means your website is more dynamic and reflects your business better, so your visitors are more likely to get in touch.

What makes a good content management system?

Ease of use is the most important factor. If your content management system (CMS) isn't easy to use, it's less likely that you or your staff will make those updates, and your website can quickly fall out of date. We find our clients instantly understand how our content management system, and rarely need any help (although we offer free lifetime support just in case).

A CMS that looks like your website is also much more effective. It's important to see the same font, colours and layout, which means it's quicker to edit and check changes as you work.

A flexible CMS changes as your website and business needs change. We've been developing our content management system for over 20 years, and it's different for each client. As well as adapting to each website's unique design, our CMS examples might include a blog, product management, slideshows or any other bespoke content.