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API Website Developers

Author: Justin Munro

API Website Developers

We have worked on countless API integrations to link your third party software provider with a website. This includes payment providers like Stripe and SagePay/Opayo, accounting software including Sage, Xero and Zynk, a host of Google API services, and bespoke tools like Carweb, SimPro and ThankQ.

What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it's a standard way to share data between different systems online. Most of the major software providers and online services like Google provide their data via an API service. Examples could include asking Google to look up two postcodes to calculate the distance between them, sending payment details to your in-house software to produce invoices, or collecting product prices from your catalogue to display on your website.

Bespoke API Integration

Simply put, API provides a way to share data between your website or online software, and almost any third party provider. One website could have multiple API integrations to provide the whole process for customers. An example could be an online shopping site: product details and prices could be collected via API from an online product catalogue, then displayed on your website. Once customers make a purchase their secure card payments could be provided via API with a provider like Stripe. And finally the finished order could be sent via API to your Sage accounting software.

API Development

Each API integration is different because it's created by the 'owner' of the data, e.g. Google, Stripe or Sage. An API set-up basically consists of a number of 'calls' that allow you to either send or receive specific information, like a customer's name, product price, or postcode. You'll need a bespoke web developer to provide API integration with the supplier of your choice, and we've been working on APIs of every level for over 20 years. Some examples of our work include:

Stripe payment integration for a membership subscription 

Searching jobs by distance using Google Maps  

Looking up a car registration plate to find technical specifications 

Booking events with ThankQ 

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