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Our team day

Author: Ben Jeffery

We must admit that our 'team days' are more for pure enjoyment than team building, as we already have a great atmosphere in the office. Still, it's great to have an excuse to mess about outside the office!

web developers golfing

Our day of fun began with a light 9 hole golf round at Shipton, complete with water hazards. James managed to get one of his balls underneath a bridge and Ben lost one in the grass, one in the water, and one in the hedge.

You know how there's always that one annoying person who wins everything? At Bluelinemedia it's James, who thrashed us on the 9 holes, although much of his time was spent looking for everyone else's missing balls.

After a surprisingly civilised afternoon tea at the Frogmill, we headed over to the renowned Ian Coley Shooting School (2012 shooting ground of the year, as if you didn't know).

Sirbos eye patch

Although we were nervous about the psychopathic tendencies that handling a gun for the first time might unleash, it was a relaxed afternoon. Those poor little clay pigeons didn't know what hit them!

A highlight was Sirbastian having to wear an eye patch (and not just so the rest of us could laugh). And yes, James won again with 18 out of 25 shots on target.

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