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Blog > How the new Bluelinemedia website has helped us

We launched a new version of our website in June, so I thought I'd explain some of the new features and how they've helped us.


Our biggest change was the blog because it means we have to commit ongoing time to keeping it up to date. There's no point in having a blog without regular new articles, so we now have a fortnightly meeting to talk about ideas and allocate the writing. Our blog includes submission links for social media accounts, comments, and an RSS feed which allows us to list on Feedburner and other blog sites.

During October 2010, our blog and individual entries were viewed over 4500 times, representing about 25% of the views of the whole website. Each blog entry is typically viewed 200 times, and it's still early days. We've also created lots of new, relevant content that should help us appear more highly on search engines, and just having a blog (as long as it's properly set up) will help search engine ranking because it suggests a more up-to-date and therefore relevant website.

More generally, the blog gives new visitors to the website a better sense of the size of our team and what we can do, and a personal connection rather than just marketing talk. Writing the blog has got us used to talking about what we do more, and of course the blog allows us to tell a lot more people.

Social networking

Our home page now includes our latest Twitter update and the most recent photos or videos from our Flickr account, and every new blog item is automatically posted to both Twitter and LinkedIn. A lot of the benefit is intangible, as it makes the website look more dynamic and changing, gives visitors to the site a more personal view of our team, and just stands out better.

Again, it's early days but we have 82 followers and have connected to lots of local businesses as well as potential customers, plus it gives us an extra listing on the search engines. It's a free and easy way for us to stay in touch with people who may need or recommend our services in the future.

Email newsletter

Since the new website went live in June, we've been sending a graphic email every month using the fantastic Campaign Monitor service. It's important to send a regular email as a constant reminder, and makes it more likely that people will remember us when they need our services.

Campaign Monitor gives us branded, engaging emails which look good in all email applications, plus reports on how many emails have been opened, who has clicked what, and other invaluable marketing information that helps us make our emails better. Importantly, it also saves us lots of time, because subscriptions and "unsubscribe" requests are all handled automatically, and we use their email editor tool to write the content. It probably takes us about 20-30 minutes a month, including writing the content.

We send emails to around 1500 people every month, which generates an average of 200 visits to our website. And we've had at least one enquiry every month from both new and existing clients who were prompted by the email to get in touch, or just remembered us better.

Choosing your technology

Of course, if you're considering these kind of features we can certainly help, and we can make it really quick and easy for you to manage. But at the same time, it's important not to just grab every new technology, and instead choose the tools that suit your business and your customers.

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