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Canoeing 2011

Author: Simon Jackson

Our team building day canoeing on the river Wye last Thursday was a success! It didn't rain, it wasn't too cold, nobody drowned and we all feel closer as a team. Now we just can't wait for the results to show in quicker projects and better designs.

In many ways we felt that our canoe journey mirrored our project lifecycle perfectly. We started carefully making sure we knew what we were trying to achieve (survival) and the tools we were using (canoes). Took our time to achieve consensus in the direction we were heading (downriver) and then hammered it at the end to arrive on time and in budget.

Our highlights of the experience include:

  • James and Sirbastian capsizing entirely of their own accord - twice
  • The discovery and subsequent chucking of a previous, unsuccessful, canoeist's trainer now green with algae
  • The double burger with everything at the The Courtfield Arms
  • Simon and Justin breaking the front of their boat on a disused railway bridge
  • Everyone (except Sirbastian) having dodgy stomachs the days immediately following the event
  • James having to go to the gym the day after with wet trainers

You can view more images of our day out on our Facebook page at