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Our web development blog includes free resources and code examples. We’re happy for our content to be copied to other websites as long as you link back to us.

New website and job database for Travail

Posted 7th August 2018 | Category: Web Development Blog

We're developing a new bespoke website for Travail including design, content management, jobs administration and Broadbean integration

Are you getting the most from Vebra on your property website?

Posted 4th June 2015 | Category: Web Development Blog

The best way to list Vebra properties on your website is using their "API" service so that buyers stay on your website. If your property links start with "" then you're not getting the most from the service. And if you're entering your properties twice - once in Vebra and then again on your website - you're wasting time.

Responsive design and how to size your website images

Posted 20th November 2013 | Category: Web Development Blog

We are currently re-designing the Bluelinemedia website (watch this space!). One of the new changes we are making is to code the site to the HTML 5 standard and with this we want to make the site responsive, so it re-sizes for smartphones and tablets.

Simple parallax backgrounds using Mootools

Posted 30th September 2013 | Category: Web Development Blog

The parallax background scroller popularised by Nike's Better World and other similar sites has recently been implemented by Google on their Nexus 7 microsite in a nice subtle way. So, we thought we'd have a go at replicating the functionality using MooTools and CSS ourselves.

Mobile page templates for SagePay

Posted 29th July 2013 | Category: Web Development Blog

If you're building a responsive or mobile-friendly e-commerce site with SagePay, you may be surprised to find that they don't provide standard template files for mobiles. Their default files have fixed width fields that can't be scaled to a small display, so customers get a page that's too wide for their screen.

Our top 10 online web developer tools

Posted 6th June 2013 | Category: Web Development Blog

We have compiled a list of our top 10 online web developer tools. These all come in very handy throughout the development of a web system.

Playing around with HTML iFrames

Posted 5th November 2012 | Category: Web Development Blog

There has been mentions recently in the press about websites using the browser full screen mode for spoofing websites. This can help those Phishing attacks trap even more users.

Improvement of Database Class & Code

Posted 27th April 2012 | Category: Web Development Blog

Security is of huge importance to us, which is one of the reasons we recently undertook a large upgrade of our framework to incorporate several extra security enhancements. This involved a wholesale review of the code and a lot of meetings to come up with the best way forward. We decided to move entirely to a class-based framework which has led to many varied improvements, some of which are explained below.

PHP Cookies Crumble

Posted 9th March 2012 | Category: Web Development Blog

We have recently updated our security and user log in code which meant updating a few pieces of cookie related PHP. In doing so, we came across a couple of minor anamolies that would have saved us a lot of time and frustration if we had been aware of them.

How to detect user scrolling behaviour with JavaScript

Posted 16th February 2012 | Category: Web Development Blog

Tracking user behaviour can help you tailor your website to users' needs and keep them on your site. We've developed a script to track how far down a page a user scrolls before navigating away from that page, which should be especially useful for websites with longer pages. If for example you found that hardly any users actually scrolled to the very bottom of your web page you may then decide to either condense your content or adjust it so more users are likely to view it.