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Our web design blog articles include tips and resources for better websites. Feel free to duplicate our content, but please acknowledge us and link back to the blog item.

Still haven't checked your website for GDPR?

Posted 6th September 2018 | Category: Web Design Blog

Yes GDPR is still a thing, and you need to make sure your website is compliant. The regulation is now in force for all UK businesses, and requires you to take steps to review and manage how you store personal data.

Online clothing shop for Raw Sports

Posted 23rd August 2018 | Category: Web Design Blog

We've recently launched a new website for biking clothing brand Raw Sports

Why hasn't your website got a secure certificate yet?

Posted 7th August 2018 | Category: Web Design Blog

Secure (SSL) certificates help your Google rankings, reassure customers and protect your data.

Filtered search for online shops

Posted 28th January 2014 | Category: Web Design Blog

Here's a quick spotlight on a feature we've added to a few e-commerce sites recently. The filtered search lets users select product values with tick boxes to narrow down the results until they find what they need.

Responsive websites for mobile and tablet users

Posted 22nd January 2014 | Category: Web Design Blog

You may have heard the term 'responsive design' in relation to websites. This is the increasingly common solution to the problem of how to make your website look good on different devices. The 'responsive' part of the term refers to the fact that the website dimensions are automatically altered depending on the dimensions of your screen. It's all one website but 'responds' differently depending on the user's device, so they get the best experience possible.

How to auto-fill addresses online from a postcode

Posted 17th December 2013 | Category: Web Design Blog

When you've bought products and entered your address online, you've probably typed a postcode and selected your address from a list. It's a familiar feature with online shops, but you may not know how to add it to your own website.

11 ways to make your site easy to use

Posted 15th August 2013 | Category: Web Design Blog

1. Don't use dropdown menus

At first sight, dropdown menus appear to be a good way to structure and present complex website navigation. However visitors are often confused by their use. For instance, we analysed a previous incarnation of our own website which used dropdown menus and quickly realised that nobody clicked on the top level item pages (our most informative pages) because they thought they were just headings for the dropdowns.

About our hosting services

Posted 15th April 2013 | Category: Web Design Blog

As part of our dedicated web services we provide hosting directly to our clients, so you know you've got a 'one stop shop' for all your website needs. We can offer hosting by using the reseller service of Clook, who have been providing our hosting for nine years.

HTML5, did you really mean that?

Posted 8th November 2012 | Category: Web Design Blog

Having recently undertaken a major overhaul to our own website, a large part of which was aligning the code to HTML5 standards, we stumbled into a minefield of semantics.

Why SagePay is better than PayPal for your card payments

Posted 26th October 2012 | Category: Web Design Blog

While every project is different, we recommend a number of suppliers for specialisms like dedicated hosting, search engine tools, email marketing and online payments. Since 2001 we've worked with PayPal, WorldPay, eHSBC and others but we always recommend SagePay for e-commerce sites.