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Our company blog includes information and tips for our clients plus news about Bluelinemedia. If you’d like to copy our blog articles, please link back to us.

New and improved bespoke content management

Posted 9th May 2014 | Category: About Us Blog

New and improved bespoke content management

The hidden epidemic

Posted 1st November 2013 | Category: About Us Blog

There's a new epidemic sweeping the planet, and it's not what you think. Sure, there are diseases, wars and food shortages across the globe. But what about web developers? Coding all day without sunlight, eating nothing but takeaways, and of course spending all their time at the desk.

Our team day

Posted 28th June 2013 | Category: About Us Blog

We must admit that our 'team days' are more for pure enjoyment than team building, as we already have a great atmosphere in the office. Still, it's great to have an excuse to mess about outside the office!

20% off our services

Posted 13th December 2011 | Category: About Us Blog

We know it's Christmas and you're starting to wind down, but if you're planning any changes or even a new website we're offering 20% off services confirmed before Friday 23rd December.

97% of clients would recommend us

Posted 3rd November 2011 | Category: About Us Blog

We carried out a survey with our clients to find out what you think of our service. Responses were provided anonymously to make sure everyone was happy to be honest and point out issues if there were any.

Canoeing 2011

Posted 19th September 2011 | Category: About Us Blog

Our team building day canoeing on the river Wye last thursday was a success! It didn't rain, it wasn't too cold, nobody drowned and we all feel closer as a team. Now we just can't wait for the results to show in quicker projects and better designs.

How the new Bluelinemedia website has helped us

Posted 25th November 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

We launched a new version of our website in June, so I thought I'd explain some of the new features and how they've helped us.

Office Tour

Posted 28th October 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

Below is a short, simple video tour of our office!

E-commerce customer testimonial

Posted 13th October 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

We're very pleased that our website (developed with Air Creative) has been extremely successful for our florist clients.

Flash developer wanted for occasional work

Posted 12th October 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

We don't have an employed position but occasionally need support with Flash elements within a website. If you're a freelance Flash developer or can provide Flash work on an ad hoc basis, please send us your details. When we get our next requirement, we'll email you for a quote.