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Our top 5 wishes for 2011

Posted 21st January 2011 | Category: Web Design Blog

The start of a new year always sparks a lot of conversation about what people think will change in the year to come. A lot of things changed in 2010 and 2011 is already set the be a huge year for web development.

BlueEdit 3.0

Posted 19th January 2011 | Category: Web Design Blog

All of our clients will have used BlueEdit our content management system (CMS) but it's now starting to feel a little out dated. This is why we have started the ball rolling on the next version of BlueEdit 3.0. As well as new elegant look and feel we plan to integrate many new and improved features.

SalesForce web integration

Posted 12th January 2011 | Category: Web Development Blog

SalesForce is an online Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and business application tool. I will not go into more detail about SalesForce as there website explains what they do.

Implementing CSS3 without the pain

Posted 11th January 2011 | Category: Web Design Blog

One of the major stumbling blocks when considering whether to implement a CSS3 feature is the plethora of vendor specific syntaxes. Implementing even a relatively simple feature such as border-radius can lead to lots and lots of CSS: