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The Bluelinemedia Blog

If you find our web design agency blog articles interesting or useful, please feel free to include our content on your website (we just ask that you reference us and link to the original blog item).

How the new Bluelinemedia website has helped us

Posted 25th November 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

We launched a new version of our website in June, so I thought I'd explain some of the new features and how they've helped us.

Website snow effect for Christmas

Posted 25th November 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

As it's almost the festive season and already getting colder, it can only be time to roll out a simple snow effect. The effect you see in the banner above this blog is a MooTools script which can use text or images to model the snowflakes you see drifting across the banner.

Dynamic PDF conversion

Posted 24th November 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

At Bluelinemedia one service quite a few of our clients ask for is the dynamic creation of PDF documents using data from their website.

How we use Javascript with Mootools

Posted 19th November 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

Here at Bluelinemedia we use the Mootools framwork to write most of our Javascript. This lets us create things like image slide shows as well as other enhancements to the user interface.

Writing Understandable Code

Posted 16th November 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

Ok, so it's a bit boring, but writing understandable code is actually quite important. Whether it#s HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP, the key to good programming is being able to achieve complicated results with the simplest of mechanisms. Anyone can write code that is difficult to read and maybe looks clever, but distilling complex functionality into simple steps is almost an art form.

Six of our favourite CSS3 features

Posted 12th November 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

We've been playing around with some cool CSS3 features here in the office today and thought it would be quite interesting to throw together a single page showing off some of our favorite features.

3 steps to more website leads

Posted 10th November 2010 | Category: Web Marketing Blog

For a free review of your website, click here. Or you can do it yourself with this article.

Designers - What we need from you when building a website

Posted 8th November 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

We work with many designers and design companies building the websites or systems they have created a design for. Many designers prefer leaving the technical side of building their clients websites to Bluelinemedia leaving them time to concentrate on the deigns.