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We are still here! - Following government advice we are now working with most of our staff at home, but otherwise operating as normal. Please see our Contact page for more information on the best way to contact us during this time.

The Bluelinemedia Blog

If you find our web design agency blog articles interesting or useful, please feel free to include our content on your website (we just ask that you reference us and link to the original blog item).

Are emails the best method of communication for web applications?

Posted 29th October 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

When developing an online system the choice of communication mechanism isn't usually something that is given too much thought. It is common for users of online systems to receive "virtual pokes" by email when others interact in a way that directly affects them.

Why Use Our Hosting?

Posted 28th October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

At Bluelinemedia one of the services we offer is website hosting. There are so many different hosting companies all charging very different prices it can be difficult to choose one.

Office Tour

Posted 28th October 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

Below is a short, simple video tour of our office!

Writing content for search engines

Posted 25th October 2010 | Category: Web Marketing Blog

In a bid to make their results more useful, search engines are placing an increasing value on the actual content of your web pages, as opposed to the "meta" keywords that can be nonsensical. This is a simple guide to writing content that works for your visitors and your search engine ranking.

Track your website enquiries

Posted 21st October 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

When someone makes an enquiry to your business do you track the source of the lead? If not, then you could be missing out on crucial information and you won't know if any marketing activities are working.

Bespoke sales and project management software

Posted 21st October 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

Here at Bluelinemedia we've started development on an exciting new internal project that's been in planning for a while now. It's designed to bridge the gaps between not only our internal processes but also between our clients and the progression of the websites we develop and maintain for them.

So, what's this HTML5 stuff?

Posted 17th October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

HTML5 is the latest standard for defining website content. HTML is the coding language that web developers use to define the files web browsers present as web pages. Originally HTML was used primarily to define scientific documents, but has long since been adapted to present a wide variety of content. The latest standard has extended the original specifications in an attempt to encapsulate the type of media and functionality that is expected of today's websites and applications.

E-commerce customer testimonial

Posted 13th October 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

We're very pleased that our website (developed with Air Creative) has been extremely successful for our florist clients.

Flash developer wanted for occasional work

Posted 12th October 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

We don't have an employed position but occasionally need support with Flash elements within a website. If you're a freelance Flash developer or can provide Flash work on an ad hoc basis, please send us your details. When we get our next requirement, we'll email you for a quote.

Quick guide to feedburner

Posted 12th October 2010 | Category: Web Marketing Blog

Feedburner is a very useful service provided by Google to allow your feeds to be monitored and then analysed. The Feedburner interface has 5 tabs, Analyze, Optimize, Pulicize, Monetize and Troubleshootize. At Bluelinemedia we are currently using Feedburner for our blog RSS feed and we find it very useful.

White label web build for designers

Posted 8th October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

Like with many web design companies, when we develop a website or online software we credit ourselves with a link back to our website as well adding the project to our portfolio.

How to write a web design brief

Posted 7th October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

A good brief will help you compare alternative web developers on an equal basis, and give your chosen supplier more opportunity to get involved. Here's a few ideas on what to include in your web design brief:

How to use Google Fonts

Posted 6th October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

Google is currently working on a font directory API (Application Programming Interface) that allows anyone to use high-quality web fonts on their website. Adding these fonts to your web pages is very simple.

Facebook and Twitter status on your website

Posted 1st October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

With the increase in popularity with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, more and more clients are asking for their latest status updates and tweets to be displayed on their site.

Designing for the web, not print

Posted 1st October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

Here at Bluelinemedia, we work closely with a lot of designers who arrive from a print background. As a result we have a fairly good idea of the challenges designers face when translating their print experience to an online project. What follows is intended as a primer to help avoid the usual pitfalls.

Enhance your website with JavaScript

Posted 1st October 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

As Javascript becomes an ever more popular way of adding extra functionality to websites, it's growing increasingly common to find websites that are either bloated and slow due to their overuse of Javascript or entirely dependent on Javascript and unable to work without it.