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The Bluelinemedia Blog

If you find our web design agency blog articles interesting or useful, please feel free to include our content on your website (we just ask that you reference us and link to the original blog item).

Advantages of working in teams

Posted 27th September 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

At Bluelinemedia we make sure every project is worked on by a team rather than just one person in the company. We feel this greatly benefits the projects we work on and the clients we deal with.

Intellectual property (IP) and website code

Posted 23rd September 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

If you decide to use our web design services, we'll ask you to sign our terms and conditions. This often leads to questions about intellectual property, who owns what, and how this affects you. Other suppliers may handle this in different ways, but I just wanted to explain how our agreement works.

Our boomerang attempts

Posted 17th September 2010 | Category: About Us Blog

As part of a marketing campaign, we've ordered some branded mini boomerangs for customers and potential new customers. And yes, they do really come back. We thought it was only right to try them out ourselves and let you know how it's done, so we made a video of our efforts at the local park (spot the cheating).

Why do we use PHP?

Posted 10th September 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server-side programming language.

Should I pay more than 500 for a website?

Posted 6th September 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

If you're comparing quotes, we won't be the cheapest (or the most expensive). We charge around 2000 for a typical brochure site, while some companies charge 500 or less. We believe we give that extra value in the quality and service we provide, but we understand it's not easy for you to make a judgement from the outside. The price of a website isn't about the number of pages you need, but the service and quality you get.

Integrating Google Maps

Posted 3rd September 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

Google maps can be a very handy addition to any website, especially on contact pages. I have seen many website with an image of a Google map or a link to the Google maps website but did you know it's very easy to actually embed a live Google map into one of your pages?

Post web content to Twitter and Facebook

Posted 3rd September 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

Now we have a blog on our new website we wanted to automatically update our Twitter feed with the latest items. Upon researching this we found a simple solution provided at the following address - Twitter feed allows you to update your Twitter and Facebook accounts from an RSS feed generated from your web site content, such as news items or blog entries.