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If you find our web design agency blog articles interesting or useful, please feel free to include our content on your website (we just ask that you reference us and link to the original blog item).

Choosing between JPG, GIF and PNG image types

Posted 27th August 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

These three image types are used throughout websites but understanding when to use each image is essential for having fast website load times and crisp graphics. In this post I will not go into how these images types work but instead just concentrate on when to use them.

IE8 cleartype font opacity solution

Posted 26th August 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

One of our current projects required a news ticker that faded in and out with new headlines appearing against a background image. Obviously this is an easy enough effect to implement and relatively quickly, we had a solution in place using the MooTools framework to apply the fade. All seemed fine until we looked at the results in IE8. Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE7 and even IE6 rendered the effect consistently, but IE8 pixelated the font when manipulating the opacity.

5 ways to better search engine results

Posted 24th August 2010 | Category: Web Marketing Blog

We've been building websites and getting them on search engines for almost 10 years, and we've boiled all that experience down to five simple steps that don't require any technical knowledge.

Designing a Web App

Posted 23rd August 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

Here at Bluelinemedia we're known for our user friendly web development but from time to time we need to be creative and get stuck into Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks.

Comparing JavaScript to Flash

Posted 23rd August 2010 | Category: Web Design Blog

It used to be so simple - when you wanted to add something more, well, flashy to your website you used Flash. Where JavaScript was clunky, no good at transitions or animation and was riddled with cross-browser inconsistencies, Flash was smooth, presentation rich and as a plug-in was consistent across browsers. However, with the advent of frameworks such as MooTools and jQuery and increasing browser functionality, the decision is no longer straightforward. Perhaps now the starting point when implementing a whizzy feature should be 'why can't we use JavaScript?'.

Sending SMS text messages from a website

Posted 17th August 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

One of our clients recently contacted us and asked if it were possible to send SMS messages from their website straight to their users.

What professional experience does a web developer need?

Posted 13th August 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

There are many different skills and experiences required for being a web developer, but if we look at the skills and experiences that we would look for based on the technologies we use.

Why online marketing works better

Posted 10th August 2010 | Category: Web Marketing Blog

It's no secret that the trend of advertising spend is moving to the internet (as struggling newspapers and commercial TV stations are well aware). This isn't to say that offline marketing doesn't work, but moving marketing to the internet is about more than just following the audience. Web marketing has several advantages which especially favour the small business.

Using frameworks for web development

Posted 9th August 2010 | Category: Web Development Blog

Frameworks appear in most programming languages and there is often many different types per language. The idea of a framework is to provide a certain structure that the programmer must follow. This structure will usually include functionality that can just be called upon rather than the programmer having to write it from scratch. A lot of this functionality will be based around the mundane or highly replicated programming tasks enabling the programmer to concentrate on the core elements of the software that is being developed.