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The Bluelinemedia Blog

If you find our web design agency blog articles interesting or useful, please feel free to include our content on your website (we just ask that you reference us and link to the original blog item).

Why you should secure your website

Posted 31st May 2017 | Category: Web Design Blog

Why getting an SSL certificate will help improve conversion of users, increase your Google rankings and make your site safer. What is a secure certificate, do your website really need one, and what are the benefits?

Why you need to be on Google Maps (and how to do it)

Posted 1st November 2016 | Category: Web Marketing Blog

Google's new search layout puts paid adverts and Google Map listings above the full website list, so if you're not listed here you are missing out on business.

Are you getting the most from Vebra on your property website?

Posted 4th June 2015 | Category: Web Development Blog

The best way to list Vebra properties on your website is using their "API" service so that buyers stay on your website. If your property links start with "" then you're not getting the most from the service. And if you're entering your properties twice - once in Vebra and then again on your website - you're wasting time.

One step that is guaranteed to make your website better

Posted 31st October 2014 | Category: Web Marketing Blog

There's one step you can take today that will make your website look better, represent your business more effectively, and get results.

Content management puts you in charge of your website, and removes two fundamental barriers: money and time. If you can update your website for free, you never have to worry about the financial implications of making changes, so you'll do it more often.

New and improved bespoke content management

Posted 9th May 2014 | Category: About Us Blog

New and improved bespoke content management

Filtered search for online shops

Posted 28th January 2014 | Category: Web Design Blog

Here's a quick spotlight on a feature we've added to a few e-commerce sites recently. The filtered search lets users select product values with tick boxes to narrow down the results until they find what they need.

Responsive websites for mobile and tablet users

Posted 22nd January 2014 | Category: Web Design Blog

You may have heard the term 'responsive design' in relation to websites. This is the increasingly common solution to the problem of how to make your website look good on different devices. The 'responsive' part of the term refers to the fact that the website dimensions are automatically altered depending on the dimensions of your screen. It's all one website but 'responds' differently depending on the user's device, so they get the best experience possible.

How to auto-fill addresses online from a postcode

Posted 17th December 2013 | Category: Web Design Blog

When you've bought products and entered your address online, you've probably typed a postcode and selected your address from a list. It's a familiar feature with online shops, but you may not know how to add it to your own website.

Responsive design and how to size your website images

Posted 20th November 2013 | Category: Web Development Blog

We are currently re-designing the Bluelinemedia website (watch this space!). One of the new changes we are making is to code the site to the HTML 5 standard and with this we want to make the site responsive, so it re-sizes for smartphones and tablets.

The hidden epidemic

Posted 1st November 2013 | Category: About Us Blog

There's a new epidemic sweeping the planet, and it's not what you think. Sure, there are diseases, wars and food shortages across the globe. But what about web developers? Coding all day without sunlight, eating nothing but takeaways, and of course spending all their time at the desk.