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Sirbastian Manning

Sirbastian joined us in 2008 as a part-time web developer and increased his hours to full-time as the business and his skills and experience grew. He works on a number of our client and internal websites, and has also developed a popular time-tracking application outside his work.

Away from the computer Sirbastian is into mountain biking and kite landboarding. He has recently bought himself a huge 12m Peter Lynn Phantom kite and can be found flying around Cleeve Common when the weather is good and the wind is up.

Some things you might not know about Sirbastian:

Favourite Place:
Probably Cape Trib, QLD, Australia (the place I grew up)

Favourite websites
Lifehacker, AWSM and obviously WorkTimer

Dreams of owning:
A remote island surrounded by a nice beach and lovely weather.

Three things you always carry with you:
My iPhone my wallet and my keys (though I'm always forgetting my keys)

Most Treasured Possession(s):
Probably my bike or my Macbook Pro - difficult call

Favourite Cartoon As A Kid:
Blinky Bill

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